My Sisters' Visit

I was so sad to say "good-bye" to my little sister last night BUT I was soo excited to say "hello" when she got here on Tuesday night. She's my best friend and I can't believe that it's been over a year since we've seen one another. We tried packing in every little thing that we could in our short time together. We cooked dinner together on Tuesday night, shopping, church, canning and yoga on Wednesday, Thursday was shopping at the outlet malls in Woodburn, wine tasting at a vineyard, more canning and carving pumpkins. We headed to Bend to see our Dad on Friday. I loved being able to drive and talk with my sister. She is so funny and sweet I find it incredibly refreshing to be around. We met up with our dad and went to a pumpkin patch in Terrebonne, OR. We always have so much fun when the three of us are together. We had so much fun being together I forgot all about the good-bye. I love you, Cali!! Thank you for using your vacation time to see us, it was truly special! We miss you already!!

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