Mt. Pisgah

It was a beautiful Friday morning. I was dead asleep when a "psssssTT" came from my typically NOT a morning husband. Before I acknowledged his presence hovering over me, a glance at the clock was all it took for me to assume that this sleep interruption was no less than a joke. Without entertaining the "joke" I rolled over to make up for the sleep that I had just lost. I am and have always been a morning person. But on this particular day it was absolutely not ok to be woken up at 6 am. At about 6:45 I heard SOMEone getting dressed. SOMEone had decided it would be a great idea to climb Mt. Pisgah at 7 in the morning. I decided to entertain the idea and get dressed also. We let the dog come with us and were on our way. It ended up being a wonderful idea and a great way to start out our day.

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