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Jeremy and I started our sickness adventure a couple of days ago. With a few symptomatic warning signs we were preparing ourselves for what came today, well, last night. A peaceful nights rest with a large helping of coughing, stealing the comforter, tossing, turning and breathing loudly out of our noses. The lovely sounds of dry throats painfully getting clear, blown noses and desperate attempts at breathing out of our noses. When you've got a married sick couple under one roof and better yet sharing one bed, all politeness goes out the window! completely. Thankfully today I have most of the day off, but Jeremy had to get up at 6 am to work this morning. 6 am is not ok when you're sick. It's just not. So I drug myself out of bed and made his breakfast and put together his lunch. I wanted him to start out his day with a high vitamin, high protein meal. I also had him take some vitamin C chewables, multi-vitamins and thera-flu.
The unhappy face shaped pills was definitely on purpose. Orange flavored vitamin-c chewables are disgusting. Jeremy has taken a picture of my face several times after chewing the bitter citrus-y nastiness. It's not pretty. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Didn't she just say something about thera-flu? How can vitamin-c chewables be worse than thera-flu?" The answer is.
It's Not.
I absolutely cannot stand thera-flu. It's no better described as a warm cup of 'tea wannabe-I'd rather be sick than take this, I don't care how well it works-cup of nastiness-this is what death tastes like.' Yea, a warm cup of death. Nice.
The words of our mothers coming across in an almost nagging way "well, it's medicine. It's not supposed to taste like candy" rings in my ears when I know that I am sick enough to force myself to choke down my cup of death. I'm well aware that it's not supposed to taste like candy, Mother, but really, thera-flu? How many more consumers do you think would be willing partakers in your product if it's nickname wasn't death? Just saying.

So, I've got my husband out the door with food in hand and medicine in belly. And I'm stuck at home, cuddled in a blanket with some banana bread and catching the last of Regis and Kelly. I have plenty of sit-down things I can do. I definitely won't be bored. I could either do a weeks worth of book keeping for the restaurant I work for, scrap book for my in-laws' gifts, or do a very large amount of homework... Decisions, decisions. Whether I do one thing or no thing (which is what Jeremy would prefer, even though he's sick too but working) we will sooner rather than later kick this cold in the butt! And probably with the help of my cup of death.
-insert frowny face here-

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