What is Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green?

I'm not talking Lucky Charms, people.

Nor am I necessarily talking about these beautiful flowers that are blooming in our yard.

I was able to break away today for about an hour to lay out and wedding chat with my newly engaged friend Josie.

Her date is set for the summer of 2012 (why so far away? Her fiance is in the navy and currently stationed in Japan.)

Her colors are going to be everything lovely, joyful and bright. Precisely how I would describe Josie. I can't wait to see where your wedding plans take you and to help where I can. I love you!!!


  1. Damn ın now I want to plan a weddıng AND each lucky charms... both somethıng I cant really do...

  2. You can when you get the heck out of dodge and come home! I guess I can't be justified in calling Europe "dodge" but if it doesn't allow access to Lucky Charms the name calling may be a little more permissible....