Steinfest 2010

This past weekend my in-laws and I were able to spend a fun filled day together thanks to the planning of my sister, Haley. Jeremy was still working in Goldendale, Washington so he met up with us in Portland and the rest of us drove from Eugene. We first went to Powells to get an essential cup of coffee and cruise the rows and rows of new and used books, next we went to Widmer for lunch, OMSI was next where we caught an IMAX flick about Hubble, we drove to Cathedral Park for a Jazz Festival and finally concluded our trip with dinner at Salvadore Molly's where my crazy husband completed food challenge and was put on the "wall of flame." What was the challenge, you ask? Well, it was on Man vs. Food and he struggled with it.. The challenge is to clean your plate complete with 5 habanero fritters and spicy habanero sauce. Jeremy did it in 4 minutes flat. Not a giant fan of kissing mister fire lips after that little unpleasant to watch being ingested snack.

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