I woke up this morning at a little before 5 am with not an ounce of sleep left in me. I was wide awake and ready to chase after whatever details the day had on it's itinerary. Jeremy was not so wide awake, quite the opposite, he was narrowly sleeping...?... Anyway, trying not to wake my equally narrow sleeping dog, I got onto the computer... 20 minutes later... I couldn't stand it anymore... C'mon! Wake up! I was able to carefully wake Jeremy and convince him to take a walk with me and the pooch if I got him coffee at our neighborhood espresso stand. We arrived at home with darkness still blanketing the sky, still so I decided to work out and get a little bible reading in. I've been reading in Galatians and decided to look up a study online to partner with my reading. Along with the study of each verse, it also had descriptions/definitions of each term pertaining to the context that it's in (ie "Law" in this book is talking about the Mosaic Law in the Old Testament, as oppose to "Gods Law" in the New Testament). Galatians is a letter to the Galatian people written by Paul, an apostle. In several passages he emphasizes peace. Peace. A word jam packed full of meaning. I think depending on the person/circumstance that word is jam packed full of relative meaning. The mom with 5 toddlers may have a different perspective on what peace is to her versus the single student about to graduate Law School. These perspectives are possibly far more circumstantial meanings as oppose to the state of definitive peace. This study defined peace as:
"A cessation of conflict, a state of contentment, and quietness of heart, a sense of well being."

After reading this I realized how important my daily lists aren't and how little importance my busy-ness is. If you can't find peace, you're in a constant state of chaos. I realized that I need to find less pride in all of the things I've accomplished at the cost of loss of sleep, good attitude or eating and find myself in a state of stillness and peace. After thinking about it, why am I adding to the worlds' chaos with my own? My mission to get into the habit of practicing a peaceful state.

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