I am anti-clutter...ish.... The "ish" is an addition to that
statement that I am recently grasping.
The "ish" is referring to the fact that I can tolerate it,
when there is no use in spending time to pick something up
or organizing it when it's going to be torn apart in the
near future anyway. This "ish" can be summed up into picking
your battles and using your time wisely.
For example, this is my junk drawer

This will always be my junk drawer so I am safe to keep it up every once in awhile.
(Although, honestly, it always looks like this so I don't really need to organize it)
But, this is what I mean. Even my junk drawer is organized, but our office...during tax season.. when you own a construction company... is cluttery.
There is no use (and would actually be extremely counter-productive)
in cleaning up all of the paper work after prepping for part of a day.

I do, however have some hidden exceptions around the house.
My recipe collection is one of those exceptions.
I used to just store the ones I found or created in a little recipe box and just
dug through them when I needed to. But lately it has been truly been on my
nerves that I don't have them organized.

So I started with this mess
And eventually got everything organized into a recipe binder that was given to me as a gift for my bridal shower (3 years ago... I know... I know). I have the fondest memories with this particular gift, everyone who attended the shower put their favorite recipes into the book. It's fun to cook other peoples' recipes, especially if those people are family.

And here's what I ended up with.
The box is going to go into our baby closet.. Once we have kids we are going to compile our childrens' favorite recipes from their childhood to send with them once they are out of the house.. Did that just sound as crazy as I think it did??
How's that for over planning, eh?

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