Bathroom Mirror

Here is our bathroom mirror before:

And here is the work that went on inbetween that and the after photo.

We found some awesome trim pieces at our local recycling center, Bring. Places like this are a great resource for ideas, cheap material and a way to do a little for our environment.

We sanded them down and cut them to fit our mirror. Slapped some glue on the corners, filled in the old nail holes with nail filler, sanded the thing down and clamped the corners together.

After the glue was dry and the corners were tough as nails, we sanded and planed the corner. This is an unusual step (the sanding and planing corners part), but because these trim pieces were being reused they weren't identical pieces, thickness on each were very different. No problem here though, just a little bit of planing/sanding/filling the corners with nail filler created a seamless look.

We also beveled the inside of the frame so that the mirror had a place to sit (middle picture). Then we primed, painted, added the mirror and some hardware...

And viola! We've got a much better looking mirror.
So, imagine the mirror coupled
with slate floors/shower walls,
concrete counter tops, white
cupboards and storage
and that sconce light (bottom
right) but with 3 sconce lights instead of 2. Also
the texture and wall color will be the same as what's behind that sconce fixture. I'm loving the mirror and all of the pieces that I know will complete this puzzle, eventually.

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