Dippin' Dough

I had a dream. A sweet dream. A dream about sweets. I'm willing to share it with you because I'm both brilliant and a lune. I am more or less trying to limit myself when it comes to dessert items. But I also have this side of me that is borderline obsessed with them.
In comes the dream:

A donut shop. Not just any donut shop. Dippin' Dough Donut Shop. Follow along with the picture above. Genius right? It's like Cold Stone in the way that you can build your own treat, choosing from a plethora of options... but with DONUTS! Choose your type of donut (donut holes or donuts), choose your icing and then choose your topping. The pretty dessert dancers will put it together for you and you leave with exactly what you want and a smile on your face!

Thank you for visiting me in my dream!