A weird thing to blog about

This is my beauty supply/whatever you want to call it collection cupboard. And until recently it has been a nightmare, pulling things in and out of, to get ready for the day.
Yes this is a weird thing to blog about, but I am always a giant fan of things that are organized and in the end makes things sooo much easier in my daily routine.

I am currently storing my nail polishes in a vase (seriously, who needs five-thousand vases??)
I'm storing my makeup brushes in a planter with decorative rocks to help separate them
And I've always stored my dangley (is that what everyone calls them? I've called them that since admiring my mothers earings growing up) earings from a martini glass.
Jeremy just built me a little steppey thingy for all of my beauty products and -holy cow- has it made my life easier. No more knocking things over as I pull them in and out of the cupboard.
Don't worry these cupboards and lining will be gone soonish.

Hurray for more organization!!


  1. Hilarious. I was getting ready this morning & thinking about what I wanted to blog next about ... & I was like I should blog about my bathroom. GO FIGURE. SO did you :)

  2. MY bathroom, though, is nothing to write home about. THAT's for sure. Something being accomplished and organized making my life easier... much more noteworthy than the ugly floors/bathtub/countertop/toilet/cupboard. You know, you've seen it!