Driftwood Sconces

When I posted our house list last, I noted something about staying tuned for the sconces for the bathroom. We just finished them last night and I am thrilled with how they turned out!!

The idea started on a sunny 1/2 day off. Jeremy and I decided to work no later than 2 o'clock and spend the rest of the day at the beach.We were enjoying each other, the weather, the ocean... when we happily stumbled upon this piece of driftwood:Immediately my wheels started spinning and I knew that we had to take this puppy home to repurpose into something awesome... And what's more awesome than finding something awesome and turning it into something awesomer, for free?? And so began it's final trek to becoming sconces for our bathroom:

First, we chopped the driftwood in half and squared off the back so it would fit flush to the wall:
Then, we cut out an approximate 90 degree angle, just enough for a tea light candle to rest on:
(sorry for such dark pictures, it was a little late when we were finishing this project!)
Then, Jeremy drilled a hole big enough for the tea light to rest in and I lacquered them:
EEk! And now look! I absolutely love them!

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