The things that I haven't..

.. done without for the past 90 days:

1. Alba deep sea facial mask: purchased at Target $9. Used once a week and I'm obsessed with it.
2. Jade yoga mat: purchase at my yoga studio: $60. I use it every day.
3. Lavender essential oils: Purchased at the lavender farm near my house $15. It makes my home made cleaners smell much better.
4. The Mac 190 foundation brush. Purchased at Macy's $33. It applies even coverage. I love it. 5. Olay Pro x. Purchased at Costco $47. I love myself a squeaky clean face. 6. Crock pot: wedding gift. I use this just about every night. Long work days. Plan for dinner before you eat breakfast. It'll be waiting for you whenever you step through the door!7. True blue spa: purchased at bath and body works $6-25. I use atleast one item from the line every day. The whole line is great.

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