Lincoln City

Jeremy and I just exited one of the busiest times of our lives, thus far. Combined, we were working 100 hour weeks and barely able to see one another. The long hours were to prepare for several planned trips that were so worth the exhaustion (although I'm happy to be home sweet home and working a regular work week). Jeremy planned a surprise trip to Lincoln City, in the midst of all of our traveling. It was a trip of necessity. To relax. To talk to one another. To rest. Just us.

The weather in Lincoln City ended up being gorgeous that weekend. We were able to explore quite a bit and truly took advantage of our weekend full of nothing to do but whatever it is that we wanted to do.
Jeremy found a hotel, Surftides, from a Google search. We've been recommending it to anyone we can. It truly exceeded our expectations. For us, the beach is a place of rejuvenation and instant relaxation. It's our home away from home. I'm so thankful that Jeremy noticed how important it was for us to spend time with each other and get away from the rat race at home. I'm also thankful that I, for the first time in my life, am starting to feel deserving of a break here and there. No guilt after a vacation, just enjoyment. It's a freeing feeling.

aaaaaaaaahhhhh :)

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