Jeremy's 30th Birthday

Jeremy celebrated his 30th birthday on the 23rd of July. I wanted to make a sizely effort to show my appreciation for how far he has come in his life. I am incredibly proud of the man that he has worked so hard to become. So, first, I hooked him up with a long awaited puppy and brought him home from my mother's house in Georgia back in April (thanks mom :). Then, I threw him a giant poker-themed party: 

And now, in just a few days short of a month, we will be going on a bit of a road trip. Our itinerary is below:

October Birthday Trip:
8th- Leave home for Huntley Lodge (miles: 908, time: 14hrs)
10th- Check out of Huntley Lodge and in to Yellowstone (miles: 126, time: 3.5 hrs)
11th- camping/exploring
12th- Check out of Yellowstone and in to Mt Rushmore's White House Resort (miles: 515, time: 9 hrs)
         Go to Mt. Rushmore, explore
13th- Check out of Mt. Rushmore and in to Royal Garden Inn Salt Lake City (miles: 648, time: 10 hrs)
14th- Explore/Relax
15th- Check out of Royal Garden Inn and head home (miles: 806, time: 13 hrs)

Total Miles: 3,003 (minimum, not including scenic drives/exploring)
Total Time in the car: 49.5 hours (again, minimum)
States covered: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah and Nevada. Whoa.

Happy 30th Birthday, J. Love ya, kid.

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