Pinterest Project Day

If you've been living under a rock and aren't familiar or haven't heard of Pinterest, let me hesitate to tell you how amazing it is. What's with the hesitation? Well, it can quickly become an addiction and consume far too much of your time. From recipes to DIY projects, I am basically allowed to turn my brain off and let Pinterest do the creative thinking for me. Which I love.

Follow along with me as I guide you through 7 hours worth of projects that I completed on a busy day off:

Here is the bar full of supplies to complete my projects:
 1. If you microwave a bowl half full of water and half full of vinegar for 5 minutes it'll loosen the stuck on yuck and wipes clean with ease
 2. Washing your shower head with a ziploc full of vinegar and baking soda. I didn't love this one. I suppose if I had a small shower head and a way for the mixture to cover the head entirely, it would have worked better.

- However I did use a tub scrub recipe from Martha Stewart (peppermint essential oil, baking soda, Dawn soap and enough water to make it a paste) that I'm obsessed with. It worked really well with hardly any scrubbing.
 3. Using an adjustable rod to hang squirt bottles: this works really well! Make sure you measure where you intend on putting the rod before you buy, also don't go cheapy with the rod otherwise it won't hold heavy/full bottles.
 4. Using a shoe storage system on the back of a utility/coat closet/etc door to organize cleaners
 5. I made vinegar water cleaner for the first time (whaaa?!), home made carpet powder (baking soda, borax, essential oils) and a candle wrapped in cinnamon sticks (when it's warm the house smells like Fall mmmmm:) and used a recipe to "clean" old metal pans... didn't work.
 6. I seriously organized our fridge with a new shelf, pull out bins and a lazy susan
 7. I sewed old doilies together to make a Fall friendly table runner
 8. In the summer months, our fireplace looks so sad. I saw this idea on Pinterest using logs that were cut at different heights and vases/candles. It's beautiful at night when it's all lit up
 9. I found these metal containers with magnets on the back to store all of our commonly used spices and used the label maker to label and store right on the front of the fridge. When these are empty, I'm going to use the containers for home made seasonings.
 10. I also stole this idea: I used a double sided picture frame, one side says "I love you because..." and the other side is to be filled in with a dry erase marker. When Jeremy writes a note for me, he leaves it on my bed side table and vice versa.
I did all of this on Monday and on a Wednesday, I'm still exhausted :) Happy pinning!


  1. I did the microwave cleaning trick too & loved it! Only I did it for 10 minutes ...

    How warm/cozy your fireplace now looks! love!

  2. Love the lazy susan in the fridge idea! And I'm w/ Dawn - cozy cozy fireplace! :)