Pinterest Beauty Projects

You've probably noticed that this isn't the first Pinterest related post of mine. I've become increasingly obsessed with testing out recipes, DIY projects, beauty recipes, etc that I've created boards for.It's embarrassing to admit that my OCD is so extreme that I consider my boards a to-do list of sorts and it drives me insane to think that there is a list of mine existing out there without a check mark... So, in light of that fact, this won't be the last Pinterest project post :)

Last week, Jeremy and I spent an evening going through my beauty board and checking off some DIY beauty recipes. I totally had to beg him to join me but evidently enjoyed himself! 

Below are the links to the beauty recipes that we tested out that night. I was blown away (seriously) at how well they all worked.

Blackhead Remover

Silky Legs

Super Soft and Relaxed Feet

Lip Scrub

Dr. Oz's Flawless Skin Recipe

Happy Pinning!

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