In lieu of gifts...

This year, Jeremy and I have decided to gift each other a new bathroom instead of a conventional gift. I'm thrilled about the bathroom however, I still wanted to do something special for Jeremy. So, (in envelopes, one to open for every day in December) I decided to gift him promises of date nights, gifts, thoughtful gestures, etc and hung them above his closet.


I am equally excited about every single one with the exception of the contents of December 17th's envelope; the only one that I needed a little help with. I am stoked about the one he opened on December 17th. The envelope contained a promise of a dinner date night -in- catered by a special chef. He didn't know which of the several potential candidates, until we went out to dinner on the 18th. I took him out to my good friends' restaurant, Koho. We enjoyed a dinner complete with quail, rabbit, rutabaga soup, trio salad, white/milk chocolate creme brulee and because he is the Executive Head Chef, owns the place and does what he wants a rad version of a corn dog. My career allows me access to some of the most talented chefs in the culinary world.Chef Jeff is no exception.

After our beautiful dinner, Chef Jeff revealed his intent to cater our special dinner. We've already picked out our menu and I'm beyond stoked!

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