Strengths Finder 2.0

Good relationships are a very important part of a working environment. A part of why I accepted my new position was the awesome chemistry that I had with my new office.

{i'm realizing right now that i didn't share with this portal what exactly my new job is- i now work for Dr. Meldrum- a plastic surgeon and hand specialist in Eugene and love every minute of it}

A part of getting to know each other was learning what our individual strengths were and how we can relate. In comes Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. After receiving my copy of the book, I registered on the site and answered a series of questions that fell in line with examples such as: whether you strongly agree with "I like to encourage people" or strongly agree with "I like to challenge people," I strongly agree with "I like to listen" or "I like to be heard." There are a couple of scenario questions. You have 20 seconds per question and roughly 150 questions. When you're finished, the program generates 5 strengths. The book describes what the details of those strengths are. 


I had chills at how freakishly accurate these descriptions were. I'm going to have Jeremy do it, too.

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