Down and Dirty

We have taken a break from home renovations and are back at it! I went on a cleaning spree yesterday after work and was greeted by Jeremy with windows ready to be installed. Since it's not easily justifiable in my head to prevent him from putting said windows in based on the cleanliness of the house, he went to work.
So here was my night last night...

Here's the window before:

Here's the giant window sized hole that was made even larger for the even bigger new window

And here's the new window

I'm pretty excited to get the other one in and to finish the trim and tie everything together. The window treatments are just waiting to get put up!

Then there was the morning...

I was staring at the ceiling while Jeremy was doing most of the grunt work with the window last night and noticed that we haven't been able to finish our long lasting paint job due to, well, several things. We've had water damage, ceiling heat issues, false beam impressions left on the texture.. Problems that a few coats of paint won't cure. SO, in order to prep the ceiling SOMEone needed to scrape the problem areas down and fill in the cracks. That SOMEone turned out to be me! My arms are sore but the ceiling in our hallways are finished and ready to be painted! YEA!!

See all of the dark lightning bolt shaped marks on the ceilings? I scraped all of that with a putty knife and filled it with putty.

What do YOU do when the rooster crows?!

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