Don't Tell Me That The Sky's The Limit When There Are Foot Prints On The Moon

If I thought we were busy bees before recently I was completely unaware of what I would be getting myself into. Did January even happen? The days have flown by with full agendas. Jeremy has been traveling non-stop for his business for the past month or so. So to fill my time I've been, well to be honest what haven't I done? So there's the usual nanny/bartender/waitress/business school/Jeremy's secretary/renovations. Now I've got design school online, book keeper for the restaurant, and a vacation to plan. With all of our ambitions and goals being accomplished so quickly and our pre-kid vacation/thrill seeking adventures bucket list nearly crossed off I'm thinking that kiddos might be entering the picture a little sooner than originally planned. But I wouldn't want jump the gun on that one. Just a happy thought!

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