Intolerance Shmimtolerance

I have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant. You don't want to know the chain of events that lead me to gain such diagnostic. Bottom line, I am and it sucked.. at first. I had intense pains on Tuesday, January 12. Until I could go to the doctor I started to document everything I was eating/drinking, vitamins I was taking and my weight throughout the day. After being diagnosed I looked back at my log and realized that with, basically, everything I ate I had something dairy with it. So at 22 years old I am now lactose intolerant. It's weird, I've never had an allergy or an intolerance to anything in my entire life. I've never been as much as a picky eater (I know those last two points were completely irrelevant to my issue here but I just find it odd). Thankfully I live in one of the best cities for such a diagnosis. Jeremy and I set an afternoon aside to do some serious lactose free shopping. We marched our way into a Market of Choice and found ourselves in the epicenter of lactose-free-ness. We had a long talk with the cheese god, uh, guy. I'm pretty positive that he knows more about cheese than I know about anything. To clarify, we eat healthy.. ish. I did start my major in health to become a dietitian. But there really is nothing like a glass of whole milk smothering a milk chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. So thankfully I have a "whole" lot of options to cheese from and hopefully I will back in action, feeling Gouda than ever!
i know.. i know.

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