I've Been Shoedazzled!

I have to share this site with you. I've referred it to several friends and they are all in shoe heaven because of it.


My shoe shopping days are over. I love shoes but HATE sooo much shoe shopping (or any clothes shopping for that matter). The process is not something I would like to fill my day with. I would rather be stuck in the office trying to print out bids for multiple clients with a printer that just ran out of ink, let's just put it that way. I also have this thing for quality vs quantity with my shoes. Call me crazy but I am willing to pay more for comfort. We all know a 5" heel with a 1/2" platform are not going to be on those feet for long, but let's not be grimacing while they
are there.

Here's how it works: it's basically a shoe club (reminiscent of a wine or book club). They have a survey for you to fill out that gives the stylist a good idea of what your style is and within 3 days or so you get up to 6 options to choose from and 3 hot styles of the month. If you don't like your options you can get a new set. You pay your
40 dollars a month and get designer worthy shoes!! Kim Kardashian is the chief stylist and founder of shoedazzle.com, so you know the shoes are good. I was shocked at the comparisons on a video on the site of her designers and the shoedazzles. They are almost identical! And you're not bound to pay every month without losing your membership!

Here's a couple of shoes that I've gotten, that I love!
The blue are the Vendetta and the red (part of my $40 went to help WomenHeart) are the Wynn.

Happy Shopping!!

you're welcome ;)

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