This past week, my husband and I went on a mini vacation to California. We started our trip at 4 am on Thursday to finish packing and cleaning out the car. Yes, car. We drove. 14 hours we drove. A plane would have been the easy choice but would have prevented us from doing all of the exciting things we had planned to do. So we drove. 14 hours. Just the 2 of us. I do have to say that Jeremy and I are the lucky couple who LOVE long drives together. Not one argument broke out. We love being able to spend that much time together in one sitting. It never happens. So we talked about how we felt about new happenings in politics, raising our children (a never ending conversation), we sang -loudly-, we made videos of impersonations... I brought my homework and didn't even crack the book. Between switching drivers and talking I didn't have any time! On the way there or back. There was much anticipation between the two of us as our itinerary contained far too many things to look forward to. This precious car ride/opportunity to spend time together was just the beginning of our adventures in the sunshine state. Our first stop was our friend Matt's house. He was one of Jeremy's groomsmen and is like a big brother to me. We both love him to death. He lives on Venice Beach so we were able to play in the sand throughout our stay, which we love, hence our wedding on the beach. We were on his front door step around 7 pm and were shocked at the mere 4 blocks walk to the beach from where we were standing. Utter perfection!

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