First Stop, Disneyland!

I want to start by saying that I have never been to Disneyland. Never. Not even when people say that they've been but it doesn't count because they were so young and don't remember. Not even then, not one time in my life of 22 years. I think I've made that clear.
Not one time, never, ever, ever.
Secondly I want to point out that there is not a whole lot of things in my life that can turn my mood around like Disney. A long, tiring day followed by Beauty and The Beast will completely turn my day right side up. I love adventure, themed parties, attention to detail, children, sweets, giggles, junk food, fairy-tales, happily ever afters, princesses, eskimo kisses, crafts... I love all things Disney! With that said, you can imagine my excitement as we are driving around downtown Disney and into the parking structure. I'm getting excited all over again just typing this! We went on all of the rides that we had planned to. We ate at the restaurant we wanted to, everything was perfect. I have to say, I'm not sure how on earth you are supposed to appreciate the attention to detail and the grandness that is Disney land as a toddler. I was thoroughly overwhelmed. I could have easily just sat and stared at everything. All day. This place is constructed of things only dreams are made of. It's inevitable that Jeremy and I will point the flaws in a structure wherever we go. It's the nature of our business. But from the "construction fence", to the rides, the shops, walkways, restaurants to the parking structure there were no flaws to point out. Utter perfection. We probably spent about 10 hours in wonderland
before we finally needed to call it a day. We were exhausted. As non-nappers, we were out for the count and ready for a nap! So we waved good-bye to the princesses and kissed Mickey and Minnie farewell and were off to what we know as the real world. I know that I'm an adult and shouldn't feel as giddy about Disneyland as I do but I can't help it. I can't believe that we were just on day one with this!

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