The Blind Leading The Blind

It was suggested by another blogger (you know who you are.. Kim :)) That I blog about this, the more I thought about it the funnier it became. So I'm taking you up on your suggestion!

Today I decided to sell a few things on Craigslist. I usually don't bother selling things, I'm so anti-clutter that as soon as something has over stayed it's welcome in my house, it's gone. Clothes that I haven't worn, furniture, ugly things in my husbands closet that I'm sure he wouldn't miss, shoes, stereo equipment of my husbands (seriously, when you're nearing 30 do you really need some huge subs in the back of your company rig?), dishes, bedding, you name it. I was at home today with no plans of leaving. I also had a closet in my guest bedroom that is about ready to have a new closet system built in it. We are focusing on this room to hopefully be done with it by summer. Said closet had a few items that it was hiding. A dresser and a couple of art supply totes. I posted on craigslist listings for each item and sold them today. Pretty nice perk to have the items filling your about-to-be renovated closet be sold and pay for the newly renovated closet.

Anyway, the lady that bought the dresser just moved to the Eugene area about 5 months ago, can barely speak english and has a terrible sense of direction. For those of you who know me, you know that there is no chance of you being my best friend in replacement of my gps. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use it. My husband bought it as a birthday gift a couple of years ago, but I'm pretty sure that it has benefited him almost as much as it has me. He can actually get a full day of work in without countless calls for directions by yours truly. So, back to the lady. She called and was interested, SCORE! Then she asked for directions, not score. I literally had her give me her address so I could type it into mapquest while I was sitting at home to give her directions. I thought I'd dodged the bullet until she called several times to tell me that she had made wrong turns and needed different directions. The last conversation went like this: lady "hi umm, I'm not sure where I am." me "ok? what do you see? What street are you on?" lady "I don't know, I don't really see anything." me "what was the last street that you turned on? were there any stores or landmarks around?" lady "uh well, I thought I turned on Wheeler maybe?" my thoughts "you've got to be kidding me, why would you turn there? Totally not in the directions and what do you mean you 'think' you turned on Wheeler??" me " ok so turn around to the end of Wheeler and take a right and continue on the street that you were on until you reach the end of the road...etc..." lady "ok well I did that and I didn't have reception so I thought I should turn around." my thoughts "you mean you followed the directions until you didn't have reception? hm, I'm pretty sure that whether you do or don't have cell phone reception is completely irrelevant to the fact that you were almost arriving at your destination." me "I know the cell service is iffy out here but once you hit that corner and don't have reception you're about 2 miles away from my house" lady "I think I should just follow the directions then??" me "uh yea try that."

I explained this conversation to my husband and he couldn't resist but to have not an ounce of compassion for my frustration and burst into laughter. The more I thought about it the more I realized... Jeremy and I have had a near identical conversation. Poor, poor Jeremy! And hurray for gps!

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