turn that frown upside down!

I was having a rough time being excited about my day for the past week or so. I don't know if it's allergies, or the ever changing weather, or my over loaded plate, either way energy was such a chore to muster up and that is so not like me! It wasn't until later last week, when a lunch date with my husband made me realize how selfish I had been to treat a day, no matter it's contents, like just another day. I met him on his job site and was blown away. Literally, some of the most beautiful work I have ever seen. (fyi this is not a plug for our business) Our clients were victims of an incompetent contractor. He made promises that he could not keep and ruined their house. So much so that they couldn't even put their house on the market due to the new construction that was not up to code. It is not easily understood in my head how such a sweet couple could have been taken for a ride like they were. How this guy sleeps at night is beyond me. And how these people trusted Jeremy is something that leaves me completely speechless. We have not one connection with them. They aren't friends. They aren't friends of the family. Nada. They saw in him that he was sweet, honest, professional and talented. He proved them right and with every job he's done for them they've paid him upon completion with a tear in their eye and a heart felt "thank you." The bathroom in their master bedroom was the last of the mess to clean up. I wish I would have taken before pictures on my camera (don't worry Jeremy did for his portfolio) the "work" that the previous "contractor" did for them was the work of someone who could care less about anything other than a paycheck. Truly unbelievable. The homeowners tried to just get away and sell it. Unsellable. They've lived with it for the past 2 years until their means allowed for a take two, and until now... Unliveable. The day of our lunch date was the almost final day.

Tile floor, back splash, counter tops, shower, tub surround. All of which has been "done" before, paid for and has now been done..again.. for a second time. But correctly this time. Jeremy and I had a chance to run errands together the following day and stopped by to install the mirrors and pick up the final payment. I was the one left teary when a card was left on the counter under the payment envelope. The card read:

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted
We feel we have totally reaped the benefit from your dedication to EXCELLENCE
Thank you so much for giving us our home back
We think the world of you."

Jeremy feels so lucky to have been trusted by them. He hasn't taken it lightly and it's a big deal to him. What they've been through and how they were able to trust their home in another persons hands turned my frown upside down instantly. And the work that my husband was capable of doing enabling them to trust again brings a smile to my heart. ~insert cheese ball violin music here~

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