This last weekend was one for the record books! I have never worn so many hats in one weekend. From caterer, hair stylist, project manager, babysitter, set up/clean up to bonified steamer and everything inbetween. It was wedding time in Central Oregon and I was head chief. With the help of my friend Dawn and my husband and the rest of the wedding party we threw a heck of a bash for my friend Ashley's wedding. I was so touched with how much my husband selflessly gave so much of his time to help all of us, and as was pointed out by many, so many parts of the wedding would have simply not existed if it weren't for him. I loved having a big project to work on with my team mate again. It was so much fun and truly bonded us. Everyone was so impressed with his level headedness and his talent and ability to multi task and get things done in a timely manner. Had he not been that way, the battle with the clock would have turned into a death by clock situation. It was fun to watch the girls that I had grown up with in my Central Oregon life bond so much with my husband and admire the little glimpses of him that they had. He was publicly thanked many times and I got emotional every time his name was mentioned. In the beginning of this weekend he didn't know anyone attending this wedding, he was helping for me and running errands and being a total wedding soldier. He. Is. Selfless. My partner in crime, Dawn, (also a bridesmaid and came from Bend to Eugene to help me shop all day for all of the wedding craftiness) was a life saver. There were moments when I was just going to let whatever was happening happen and she was there to pick up the pieces and correct the wrong and try to make everything happen according to plan. She was a super trooper. And I love her.The weekend started on Thursday night in Kah-nee-ta resort and casino
This is the set up of the reception on Friday that I was in charge of. The lanterns were harder to put up than saying "toy boat" 5 times fast. The random twinkle lights along the perimeter were champagne painted twigs with twinkle lights wound around them. Tight budgets create opportunity for creativity!
Friday night was the 2 hour rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Saturday morning was an essential coffee run, set up...

Then, it was GO TIME!!Dawn, me and the beautiful bride, Ashley!

I've known this girl since 6th grade and have seen her through a lot. She was a beautiful bride and could not have found a better groom to be the rock that she deserves. It was my pleasure to help in any way I could have. This wedding was a lot of work and the biggest event I've done but seeing her face as she was walking down the aisle and her face as the reception was finished was worth every late night.


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  1. whoop looks like it was such a success... save those hats you might need them someday (and the hubby of course!)