Sunday Fun Day

Awaiting, anticipating, arguing inwardly, trying to arrive at a conclusion and other words that start with "A"... I had an idea. Why couldn't we re-use the boxes that we made and used for our wedding? For what you ask? Well, let me back up. In the realm of renovations it is easy to 'think' you've got it going in the right direction until you realize that you failed to pay attention to the order that everything must go in. For example: when we started our renovations we, well I, thought we'd just go room by room. Knocking out a room by room until we were able to finally sit back and relax and enjoy the fruit of our labor. WRONGO! It's a nice thought in theory but in reality it's not how it goes, in the beginning. In the pursuit of getting to the point of a room by room renovation, I've been shopping for new furniture online for about a year or so. And with Jeremy being gone so much lately shopping is about the only contribution that my untrained hands can make to our project err house. SO, I found some lamps that would be a perfect contributor to the "french/vintage/classy country" theme I'm going for in our guest bedroom. So I bought them. Now to the part of having something to put those lamps on. I found several bed side tables that would work but couldn't justify spending as much money on them as they were asking, knowing that my husband and I could make them for a truck load cheaper, plus it would give us something fun to work on together. In comes the boxes. We made distressed wooden boxes to go on either side of our aisle for our beach wedding and put candles in them. My husband being the clutter bug-genius- that he is kept several "just in case." It's been driving me crazy to move them from house to house on the off chance that we may or may not be using them in possibly a garden that we may or may not start any time soon. BUT after seeing some bed side tables online that I wasn't going to buy but knew we could make I immediately thought of those boxes to be taken apart and used as surfaces for the table and shelf.
So here is one of the boxes who made a grand debut on our aisle for our wedding. Box: we really appreciate your work for our wedding but we're going to go ahead and tear you apart and use you for something entirely new. Thanks for your cooperation.

Step one: Pick out legs of your new table and your favorite pieces of wood from boxes (the knottier the better) These legs we actually got from Bring for about $12 total.
Step 2: Cut out a template for table top and shelf and sand until your hands are numb.
Step 3: Glue, screw, whatever you gotta do. Cause this puppy is NOT going to fall apart.
Step 4: Paint with a color that matches your room and sand the corners back down and wherever else it would naturally wear down and stain those bare spots to "antique" the table and

We've got a table people! We'll have another bedside table just like this one and one very similar for the foot of the bed. Good work Team Steinberger!

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