Early Mornings

Last night was one to remember. Jeremy decided that he would take the night off for some special "us" time. Well, I guess you can count it as "us" time. Our quality time consisted of falling asleep at 7pm ish and resulted in me waking up at midnight to realize that our night had completely disappeared. OOPS! We've been living in an abundance of a lot of things lately; love, work, renovations, meeting new people from our church.... time just the two of us and sleep, not so much. In between 12am and 4am I read and went through emails, organized some things for the weddings I'm helping with, read through Romans... and... then... I.... GOT..... HUNGRY!!!! So, I POUNCED on Jeremy (which one should NEVER do to a Steinberger) which woke him in a panic (luckily it was a pleasant and concerned panic and not a raging mad one), he looked at the time and we both started laughing. What on earth?! We've never had a strange sleeping schedule. Pretty standard for the most part, maybe a little earlier to bed/rise than most my age but you can pretty much count on us being unavailable from 10-5 or 6am any day of the week. Anyway, my stomach was expressing it's dire need for sustenance loud enough for my half asleep husband to hear. Option one and only: food. now. Jeremy thought it would be a great idea to go out and I sure as heck was not going to be sitting down at a restaurant at 4 in the morning with all of the loud/got kicked out of the bar/drunk kids still super excited that they didn't get caught sneaking out of their parents house and planning their sneak back in. Not a chance. So Jeremy called IHOP to order take out (I had NO idea that they even did such a thing). As he was on his way to pick up our strawberry pancakes with sausage and eggs, he called with a shocking revelation. Before I tell you what that particular revelation was, (OH THE SUSPENSE!) let me preface it so you can understand the irony of this madness. We have NO food in our house. Like, basically nothing. With Jeremy gone and both of us working so much neither one of us has had much motivation on any sort of consistent basis to have a sit down dinner much less to make said dinner, so most of our meals are consumed outside of our 4 walls. SO....wait for it...... he called to let me know that before he picked up our strawberry pancakes and sausage and eggs he wanted to be very clear that some of the very few items that we actually did have in our house was pancakes, sausage and eggs. My response and justification for the 4 am trip 15 minutes away from our house and in my delirious, sleep deprived mind was "well, we don't have strawberries." Good enough and makes sense, right? No, not at all. Whatever, it was delicious and later put us both into the ever wonderful cardiac "rest" that we were both hoping for. Awesome huh? Sleep. officially. caught. up. on. CHECK! please.

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