Canning Experiment

My sister came to visit last October and we attempted to can some apples and pears from our trees. I'm pretty sure we completed each recipe wonderfully (everything tasted great!) but the process of canning to preserve wasn't quite accomplished. I have been doing my homework and decided to give it another go with our plums. With better equipment and a serious set up I was bound and determined to not let these yummy plums go to waste. I was able to can a couple of jars of plum jelly and one can of preserved plums. The jelly is delish. I'm very proud of myself! This is a whole new level of domestication, I was unsure I would ever reach. Our apples are near ready to be picked and I'll have some time before the pears are ready. I'll give it a go, for a round 2 with the apples. I'm crossing my fingers!


  1. I canned some strawberry jam earlier this year ... I was really shocked how easy it was! & DE-LISH.

  2. this along with cooking are still unknown and mysterious to me... domestication is not my cup of tea lol i do want more of those bomb plums you have though