Furniture Finale

We've completed our table contribution to our guest bedroom with 2 bed side tables and a foot of the bed TV table. I am so happy with how these tables have turned out and loved every minute of creating them from start to finish with J. I love that this table is the TV table and has yet to have a TV or a DVD player for it's designated shelf. Details, details.. right? We have one final thing to make for this bedroom. We'll see how it turns out before I tell you what it is.These are some of the decorations in this room that I've made and put together. I had the vases for awhile but they were quite formal for the look I was going for in the space. So, to create a far more casual look I decided to use natural elements in them. For example filling the space in them with dark brown coffee beans (which have made the room smell divine) and painted some of our favorite bible verses on some cut out round wood. They'll look complete on the table once we've got a TV on there!

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