Happy Fall!!

Despite the sprinkles of sunny weather and heat here and there, Fall has crept up and fallen upon us. Fall is a season that I have gradually fallen in love with. I love roaring fire places, pumpkin/apple spice candles, fall decorations (my Halloween decorations are already out), fresh baked ____ (fill in the blank), knee length boots, fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, yumminess slowly cooking in the crock pot, cuddles, fog, crispy mornings and .......... FOOTBALL!! Football is especially awesome this year. Why? Well, a very generous father in law of mine decided to give all of his children/step children/childrens' significant others University of Oregon Duck season football tickets for Christmas. A gift that truly keeps on giving! Their first game was two Saturdays ago and started off the season with a 72-0 defeat over New Mexico. If you know anything about college football, a win like that over N.M. isn't a huge deal, it's sort of expected. Rest assured. The Ducks are legit this year. Proving themselves with a 48-13 defeat over the TN Volunteers. Moving us from a top 7 team to a top 5. GO DUCKS!

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