Pleasant Surprise

I have been in a constant state of being pleasantly surprised in the past several months. I start out with a fairly pessimistic attitude of the outcome (which surprises me to say about myself, I've always considered myself to be a very positive thinker) with something I've volunteered to do or am participating in or a sticky situation with someone. It seems that I'm being shown so many different facets of life that I've not been open to in the past. Which also surprises me to say about myself because I've always thought of myself to be open to just about anything. In any case, I love being pleasantly proved wrong. I am absolutely ok with that!

Recently I learned that a crafty co-worker of mine was moving back to her home town in Hawaii after some very unexpected and unfortunate events. As a hobby, another co-worker of mine digs for crystals. She'll ecstatically bring them into work, after they've been carefully cleaned, and show all of us why they are so special. This girl knows her rock facts. I appreciated the fact that she was so interested in digging for rocks, but they were just rocks to me... until... my friend who was
moving decided that she would love to go rock digging before her departure. These rocks would be beautifully turned into jewelry. One thing that bonds her and I is our love for being crafty and creating. Since I was willing to do whatever she wanted to get in as much time with her as I could before she left I agreed to go. The three of us met on a very early, misty, weekday to dig for rocks. We pulled into a hidden nook, lakeside and began digging. We played a game called "rock of the day" which was us basically comparing our rocks to see who had the best find. It was exciting to find little unexpected treasures that I would have otherwise walked right over and ignored. I learned a lot and had so much fun! Who knew?

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