Meet My Mister

Meet my Mr. Busy, my Mr. Driven, my Mr. Sweetheart, my Mr. Thoughtful, my Mr. Strong, my Mr. Creative, my Mr. Selfless, my Mr. Giving, my Mr. Handsome, my Mr. Talented, my Mr. Handy, my Mr. Loving, Caring, Successful, Overcoming, Godly, Patient, Tolerant, Smart, Helper, Teacher, Best Friend. My Mister Husband.

There are moments in a marriage that pleasantly and proverbially slap you in the face with a "and THIS is why you chose this mister to be your forever." Today, Jeremy and I woke up with a list of things to do. We've been working every day this week on our house/yard and are nearing the end of our list of "to-do's." Jeremy has also been working long days in an attempt to finish numerous small jobs to prepare for his monster job he's got coming up soon. I'm so impressed with the amount of energy in him. He is a get er done kind of guy. And with a willing attitude, which is key. With the list dwindling down and a sleepy/rainy Saturday to wake up to neither one of us were quick to get out of bed to get started on the house before we went to work. Jeremy started several things on the list and went outside to pick a giant bucket full of apples from our tree (without me asking) for my baking day I have planned with some ladies from our church on Monday. He thought enough about what I had going on to pick those apples for me and my friends. This may seem like a small thing to be made into a big deal, and honestly he does sweet/thoughtful things like this all of the time, but today we were both worn out and unmotivated. Despite being burnt out, he thought of me first. I am a blessed woman. Love you J!

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