Paint Color Has Been Chosen

Pretty exciting stuff eh?

Well it is to us!

This color choice (a long process to arrive here) means that we are now able to paint closets/trim/casings/ baseboards/our pantry.......and............ once our cabinets are decided upon, this will be the color of our kitchen cabinets as well! Very, very exciting!

Here are the painting jobs that I could not wait to have done once the choice had finally been made!

This is brand new trim that Jeremy put up in record time after work one night
We primed/sanded/filled in holes last night and painted it this morning.

We also finished painting our pantry that was primed several months ago its second coat went on this morning and the trim will be finished with its second coat later today

We asked the paint guy to use the recipe from our wall color and add a fraction of it to a semi-gloss white and we are stoked with what turned out! Choosing from color swatches would have looked far too green/pink/etc against the wall color. I am, however, not really looking forward to living out of the guest bedroom closet when I start to paint my closet ;) but stoked to get it finished!

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