An Exception to Completion

The guest bedroom is finally complete with it's decorations and furniture. I'm sure we'll be adding to it here and there with theme appropriate doo-dads in the future and will be most certainly doing the finish work on the room (at the moment it is without base boards/new closet/new window/new closet doors/etc) but for now we're happy with the foundation we've set.

I love the collaborative effort of things that we've purchased-both bargain and expensive-and things that we repurposed and things that we totally made from scratch. It's been a fun to theme out a room with the challenge of keeping the color scheme similar to the rest of the house eliminating the risk of it looking like the crazy room that doesn't fit! I'm happy to let our guests sleep in this room, for now. And for now, it can be our room that's basically complete with the exception of a few things. Our exception to completion.

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