It has been getting pretty hot and feverish around here. With Jeremy out of town, it's hard if either of us get sick. We just want to be taken care of by each other. Unfortunately this type of fever won't be going away any time soon. We're talking years. I'm talking baby fever. And... Jeremy.... has... got.... it..... BAD! It could be coming from the fact that he's going to be turning 29 in July and maybe nearing 30 has something to do with it? Or maybe it's the fact that he's been working in a home with small children and it's creating this urge? It definitely doesn't help that we have an entire closet full of baby gear in our weight room. We're talking breast pump, bottles, clothes up to one year, picture frames, the start of decor if we have a boy (we are doing a "lake tahoe/cabin" feel with a boys' room, that's IF we have one), toys, a stroller, a play pin, several swings and bouncies, a heartbeat monitor, baby books, a car seat.... I can't think of more but I'm sure the list would go on if I got up to look to see what was in those bins...
Now, you get the idea, right?
Oh! and not to forget the swings and bouncies skeletons that are filling the shelf in the closet.

Now, why is all of this stuff out of their bins? Well, Jeremy is home the first part of this week and I decided to show him all of the stuff that goes into the first stages of a babies' life. He had no clue what over half of the stuff was. I didn't do this to shut him down or to humiliate him, I just wanted to show him that having the stuff doesn't mean we are ready. And if knowing what the stuff is and how to use it all was going to be rough what about the actual baby? I know that he will be a fabulous father, but I think this education cured his fever a bit and helped his head to get back on track so we can stick to the plan!

side note: I actually adore the fact that he is the one with baby fever, and that he actually sat the hour and a half to listen to what each of the baby things did! He's so very much a keeper!!

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