When He Cooks.. I Sit.

spicy corn casserole
apple/blueberry crisp

I am absolutely aware that I am one of those very blessed wives who has a husband who will cook for me. A husband who can cook well for me I should say. I definitely have never needed to choke down a dinner with the thought "it's the thought that counts, he tried" playing in my head on repeat. My only struggle with him being in the kitchen, is..... honestly?... with him being in the kitchen! I am a self professed (and working on it) control freak/perfectionist. Granted, not everything in my world is on the list of things I feel the urge to control, but the kitchen, absolutely, is on the list. I've noticed that in the past year or two, an increasing amount of situations will pop up where I am forced to fight the urge to just take over and force everyone else to just stand-by while I make everything "perfect." Seriously
:::who do i think i am?:::
I'm learning how to relax, take a few deep breaths and live a little. It's very stressful putting yourself in control all of the time, and when you realize how incredibly unnecessary it is and how much damage it's doing for --nothing-- it also makes you feel a little, nope a lot, ridiculous. I would rather have a blast and make memories and enjoy the time I'm spending with someone doing something than turning gray early worrying about the final product.

So from now on, when he cooks... I sit.
(unless he needs help ;)

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