Another Guest Room Face Lift

Every 3 or 4 days I have a load of strictly to-be-air-dried clothes and have only space in the guest bedroom closet to do so. As I was in there hanging wet laundry I couldn't help but be annoyed at how bright the room is! The bedding, the walls, the furniture we made.. all off colors of white. And I know that I was supposed to accept that the room wasn't complete but... I didn't

I started off with a small project. I used some scrap matting from a craft store and bought some wooden letters, painted them and measured them to fit evenly on the matting.

Jeremy built a frame and I painted it brown. I love it above our guest bedroom closet.
(Not nearly as much as I will love to have trim around the closet doors, but we'll cross that road some day)

The story behind the next project is fun. Jeremy's dad and his wife just bought a new house and have joined their things. In the process of joining there has also been purging. Jeremy and I, along with the rest of the kids, have gotten the opportunity to rummage through things and bring found treasures home with us. This tray we found and was Jeremy's grandmothers'. It has a really cool picture in the wood that matched the style in the bedroom perfectly.

I sanded it down and roughed up the picture on the face
of the tray and painted it brown.

Here's the picture from my last post that Jeremy
built a frame for out of trim. Clever boy!

The collective effort of the projects makes the room look so
much cozier and much less starchy and stuffy.

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