I'm done now.. seriously this time

I'm not sure why I ended up posting about being ok with something being unfinished. I should have known that as soon as I did something like that, it would be impossible to discontinue the list of left "to-do's". Subsequently, I've got another project to share with you! A grand finale of decorations for the wall, above the tv. Priorities, right?

I started by taking the pictures out of this frame, a frame that was definitely one of those iamjustnowlivingonmyownandhavenoideawhatimdoingwithdecorations
impulse purchases.

I knew I was going to make my own frames for them so instead of getting glass cut for me for each size frame I decided to laminate the picture to protect them with our laminator that I just had to have as an office "essential". It was so darn essential, that it hasn't been used until this project. See how essential it was for this, though?
Once the pictures were laminated and cut out, Jeremy cut out 8 frames sizes 4x6, 4x4 and 3x3.

I used a thick/spongy mat board as backing for the pictures and literally stapled the laminated pictures to it.

Then hot glued the pictures to the frames after the frames were painted brown

I also ordered some circular mirrors from Target.com (around 20 bucks), arranged them on the wall and hung the pictures I put together by ribbon that I hot glued onto the frame.

Seriously-hot glue guns and paint go a long way!

And here we are!

I clearly need to clean the mirrors and can't end without thanking my friend Josie for helping me today! So, seriously.. Now I think I'm done with this room.... for now.