Keep workin' that hiney off

I had the opportunity to have a fairly lazy morning with no guilt this morning, so my husband was up earlier than I was (which is rarity I can assure you). As I layed in bed with my eyes open I couldn't help but stare at the stack of jeans in my husbands' closet (no, we absolutely do not share closets, it's a serious luxury that I am never giving up). He had a large stack of work jeans and a large stack of off-the-job jeans.

I only wished that this is what the stack looked like when I woke up this morning! (This is the after shot.) I totally jumped at the opportunity to turn on some talk shows and go through his jean collection. Who on earth needs that many jeans?? Actually, I had him go through the stacks before he left for work. Most of them he couldn't wear. Unsalvageable, did not fit (not worth tailoring), unprofessional (yes, I know they're carhardts-not meant for giving off a professional persona-but they are his construction site wear and as the owner of the business he shouldn't be wearing jeans that are saggy or with rips in inappropriate places) or straight up ugly. We had a couple of piles going.
1. Goodwill
2. Garbage (scrap material)
3. Salvageable
(with a little elbow grease... or in my case this morning:
some nimble fingers, a cup of coffee and The View)

I busted this out

And decided to jump on the budget-friendly blogosphere bandwagon and went to work.
I had 3 work jeans to patch and 2 pairs of everyday jeans

In case you're not a sewer, this was just a matter of cutting out a piece of jean to patch the hole and stitch where you can't obviously see the stitches and until it's super uber duper strong.

(pffff!!! As if the picture above cleared any of those instructions up! ha!)

So now he can keep working his hiney off.

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