Bedroom Decor, Check!

My poor bedroom has been the object of neglect for two years. We've painted it, built a closet in it, half-heartedly hung some below parr decorations in it, along with some wood blinds to replace the drapes that came with the house. Beyond that, nothing. How sad! Thankfully I included our bedroom in our checklist and went to work to decorate the poor thing. Here's the transformation process in action:

We started with this... (don't judge)

I designed an eclectic wall mural, of sorts, collection of things-whatever you want to call it- that included things we loved. I designed it to wrap from that window on the left to a window on the right. I started by repurposing some things, painting things, assembling, making from scratch, etc. to get a large pool of things to pull from in the making of this design.

Here are the letters l-o-v-e that I stenciled onto wood from our scrap wood pile. Jeremy cut them out and I painted them

I painted frames that were for art that used to go in our old office. They were actually pictures that were in our "Goodwill pile." I took out the old pictures, painted the frames and popped in some unframed wedding pictures that have been stored for years.
Here is the start of my collection of things I had planned to paint and use in the design

Here are some of the decorations getting their either black or gold spray paint bath

Once everything was painted/repurposed/tinkered with, I arranged them on the floor to make sure everything would fit in the space I had planned for them on the wall. To make the hanging easy I just measured and drew guidelines on the wall so I knew exactly how high and how low the design could go.
And here's what it looks like on the wall:
Other gold/black decorations in the room:
Before:After:I was also able to check the "add height to the corner" item off of our list by moving those candle sticks from our living room into our room.

This whole project grand total: free.

We used things that we had and painted them with paint that we had. Gotta love that!

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  1. Omg so in italy blogger works and I LOVE your bedroom it looks so good! Nice work I can't wait to come stay over again!