Cielings and Signs

Remember this?
I set myself up to fix this mess, this morning

Next I made the sign for this hall/entry way. The wall on the right is where it will go.

I started with 3 pieces of wood that were the same width and cut them all to the same length and sanded them down.
I painted them all the same color of blue, a color I found in our extra paint collection and also was a perfect blue that picked up the blue in our slate entry. Once the paint was dry, I flipped the boards over to tape them together. I did that so when I painted letters on them they wouldn't slip around.
Next, I picked a font/size I loved and printed them out. I cut, roughly, (no need to be perfect here) around them and taped them in order to the painted boards. Once they are secured, I traced on the letters which caused an imprint in the wood once I removed the paper.
Next, I picked a creamy color to paint in the letters and went to work. Here's the almost finished product. I'm not completely sure how I want to hang it yet.

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