Windows and a bamboozled yard

We've been planning to get rid of our bamboo in the back yard for the two years we've been here. Wanna see why?
And this is with serious grooming. True story.
Here are some during photos. I didn't snap very many because I was in absolute awe and amazement at every transforming movement of the tractor. Kind of awesome.
Here's some afters. We rototilled the area and very meticulously sorted dirt from root. We need to treat the area and baby it for the next month before we can think about planting anything, landscapers orders. We drained out the pond, also. We basically need to redo everything we've done to our yard. It's fine though. I'm still on a post-bamboo high. It's like magic, what the lack of bamboo has done for our yard. Our yard has been bamboozled!

We also knocked the trim in the living room off of our list.
It's hard to tell in a picture what all needed to be done. We needed to sand/caulk/fill in holes/prime and paint...
This is what a hard working husband looks like when it's late at night and he's determined to finish a lingering project.

And viola! It's finally finished.

Check and check!

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