Our very first garden

Jeremy built and we planted our very first garden this weekend. We spent a lot of time at our local home improvement garden center probing the poor staff. I'm pretty sure we've got all of our questions answered.. if not we can certainly call and pester them some more. It was a rough venture trying to choose one fruit/herb/veggie over another but we narrowed it down to:
Eggplant, beans, 3 different kinds of lettuce, cucumber, brussell sprouts and garlic...
...which is why we had to build a second planter
so we could plant some squash, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and onions. There's also some dill, mint, chives, dwarf curry, cilantro, lemon balm and basil in the pots and we'll add some peppers to the middle pot.
We added a little walk way in between the two beds with bricks we already had, and this is all made out of material that we already had too by the way. I'm starting to learn that it's completely ok to have a somewhat of a pack rat of a husband. Sometimes tolerance doesn't mean that you're a push over! GO FIGURE.

It truly didn't look like we had nearly this much produce to raise when it was in our cart. But we are so so excited to see the fruits... er veggies of our labor in a couple of short months!

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