Spring Cleaning...

...that I didn't have time to post about until summer. Well, it's sort of summer. Who am I kidding, especially if you live in Oregon it is certainly NOT quite summer! It seems to be closer to summer than it is when most people consider their cleaning/organizing sprees to be "spring cleaning" , yes? Anyway... I had a few items on my list that have been crossed off that I was able to do completely on my own and am very proud of function and neatness of the outcome. It was fun for Jeremy to come home from being out of town to a considerably more organized bedroom and bathroom.

Exhibit A:
I found this jewelry organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond. It only stores my costume type jewelry, which took up a significant amount of space behind my bathroom cupboard door. The organizer is on a closet hanger and hangs very nicely with my dresses. An added perk: I don't have to carefully peel open my cupboard door in caution of the clanking the jewelry did before.

Exhibit B:
I got these belt organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond
I can't tell you how good that blank wall makes me feel!

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  1. I don't know if you have seen these scarf hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=17978144)
    but I just bought one for myself (they come in a pack of two for $8) and they are GREAT!

    Alsoooo, I had the same belt problem and I found one that has different rings on it and clamps shut so your belts don't come flying off! I love! Before I was using one like this: http://www.organizeit.com/chrome-tie-and-belt-hangers.asp - & it just drove me nuts because I couldn't keep anything on it!

    But yay! congrats on your organizing! :)