Lord, Change My Attitude... Before it's too late!

I just finished this book today and I was so impressed with the entire thing. From the forward to the epilogue. James MacDonald is the author and a Pastor. His author voice is so relate-able. He talks about changing your wilderness attitude into a promised land attitude (referencing the Old Testament story about Moses bringing the Isrealites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land). How do you do this, you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked because he creatively ties every chapter into the next. For example: chapter one-replace a complaining attitude...chapter two-with a thankful attitude, 3/4- replace a covetous attitude with an attitude of contentment, 5/6- replace a critical attitude with an attitude of love, 7/8- replace a doubting attitude with an attitude of faith, 9/10- replace a rebellious attitude with an attitude of submission. Pretty great stuff, huh? It's longer than the books I've been reading, but totally worth reading again. If you flipped through my copy you would find lots of high lighting and underlining. I'm sure once I read it again I will have more to mark. It was truly an eye opening book that just totally called me out! We all struggle with attitude problems and can find things to assign fault or blame, but why? Why, when something so much greater is waiting for us once we get over our attitudes? My eyes are opened! A must read!

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