Kitchen stools, doors and a little craft

Kitchen stools:

These were my mother-in-law's kitchen stools that we have used for years. I knew that I wanted a much more simple tall stool for our bar in our kitchen. Stools that will also go well in our kitchen-to-be, not so much our kitchen now.

And then I stumbled upon these while Jeremy and I were thrift store hopping one day for fun. (is that a strange thing to do for fun??) So at 6 dollars a piece I snatched them up! They were rough and beat up but solid wood and the simple, country look I wanted for our kitchen.

And with a lot of sanding and even more paint: viola!

They take up so much less room and I love them!

Our guest bedroom now has a door and a door handle!

And for my craft:

I was looking for some theme appropriate decorations online to fill what is now our corner DVD shelf. After Jeremy came home with his giant tv, our corner shelf that is full of DVD's looks so cluttery. So we'll eventually be making an entertainment center for under our tv to hide the DVD's and lightly decorate the corner shelf. I found some cute african safari type animals made out of wire on the Pier 1 site with a steep price tag. I wasn't willing to pay a high price for something that I could make for free... in comes my craft:
Sooo, they are obviously not professionally done, but they're fun and will be a great addition to what I'm envisioning the shelf holding.

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