Jeremy's shop and our chimney

As Jeremy's work trips have become extended and more frequent, his shop has become more and more of a nightmare. Finding a paint brush became impossible without a phone call in order for him to help navigate me through the mess and arrive at where he hopefully left one last. In addition and most importantly, the lack of organization was increasing the amount of time it took for him to get out the door and start his day. So, organizing the mess and sorting through his shop went on our list. I'm kicking myself for not taking some before pictures but I'm also glad to not possibly embarrass ourselves with how bad it got!

So here's his shop completely organized with our camping gear/hiking/floating gear on the left and stacks of lumber on the right. Everything is super easy to get to and he's now able to see what lumber he has on hand so he's not buying doubles (I've said this before but lack of organization can seriously get expensive if you're constantly buying doubles of something you already had but couldn't find)
We got these shelves to stack his plumbing bins/painting/electrical/grout and tile work bins, his many bags of different colored grout and mortar, tools, etc so he's able to clearly see what he has and where it is and grab it and go. There is plenty of shelf space left for any tools that are typically kept in his truck to be stored in the shop instead.

This was my biggest contribution. Jeremy had bags of screws and nails and bolts, you name it all over. Not to mention the loose nails/etc that were scattered on the floor and in every nook and cranny of his work truck and shop. I will eventually label everything. But for now, row by row, he has organized hardware.
Our poor ceilings have taken a serious beating. Partly due to a desperately needed new roof, which we thankfully took care of last fall. Also partly due to a poorly sealed chimney. So, before we repaired the ceilings, we had to take care of the root of the problem on the roof. Again, no before picture, but I'm happy to say that our chimney is now sealed and mortared.


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