My Momma's Visit

Our long awaited house guest came on August 10th. We spent the following 8 days together. It's been 3 years since I've seen her in person. You can bet your button that we spent every moment possible together!

Aug. 10- Day one - Mom flies in to PDX and we stayed up until 2 am chatting
Aug. 11- Day two - Pedi's and dinner out at my restaurant
Aug. 12 - Day three - Drive to Central Oregon to visit with my brother and his family/Momma cooks for us for the first time in YEARS!
Aug. 13 - Day four - Entire day at Sun Mountain Fun Center (we did go-karts, mini golf, batting cages, arcades, bowling and bumper cars... the whole enchilada)
Aug. 14 - Day five - My brother, momma and Jeremy went shooting (I don't do guns) and we headed to pit stop in Sunriver to visit with an Aunt of Jeremy's and also at Jeremy's Grandmother's farm in Pleasant Hill
Aug. 15 - Day six - My mom and I canned about 4 jars/3 different recipes and had Jeremy's family over for dinner and to visit.
Aug. 16 - Day seven - Dinner at Grandma's. We gave my mom a full tour of the entire farm
Aug. 17 - Day Eight - Dinner at my Father-in-law and his wife's house/church
Aug. 18 - Day Nine - My mom and I drove to the airport... I bawled.

And some pic-chas:
Dear Mom,

We love you and were so so blessed by your visit. You are such an incredible woman and a great example to me in so many ways. I'm so lucky to be half you!


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